Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm pretty sure that I can count the amount of toothbrushes I've purchased in my lifetime on one hand. I usually just settle for the free one that the dentist gives me, a purple one if I've given the choice. But after seeing the toothbrushes that Yumaki offers, I'm starting to think that it's not such a bad idea to invest in something that you use several times a day, everyday. It's no surprise to me that when a Scandinavian design company got together with a Japanese oral care factory, the results were this practical, and yet extremely stylish.
Not only are these toothbrushes sleek and colorful, they also have fun names that create a unique identity for each one. New designs are released each season, allowing you to change your toothbrush along with your wardrobe. I think my personal favorite is 'wisdom', followed closely by 'ska'.

But enough about the toothbrushes. I also really like the company. Their brushes are made out of recycled materials and they strongly encourage the recycling of their toothbrushes. So, for every three brushes that you send back to them, you get one free one. That alone makes me think about where are the other toothbrushes of the world end up.

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