Monday, April 25, 2011

salt & pepper shakers

1. stripe salt & pepper from Jonathan Adler. 2. salt and pepper shakers - spheres - dalmatian blue spots from RouDesigns 3. salt and pepper shakers - babushka style from ArtMind. 4. salt & pepper bots at Perpetual Kid. 5. vintage striped salt and pepper shakers from The Darling Brigade. 6. rubik's cruet - salt and pepper mill at uncommongoods.

a packed lunch

Baby Baggu
Back Pack
I already have an excessive collection of reusable bags, but I can't help but love the variety of prints at Baggu. I think the small one with the elephant print may have to be my new lunch box. And I have absolutely no use for another back pack, but I love the simplicity of their canvas packs.

a very short introduction

Okay, so maybe I don't want to be a candlestick maker, but I am more than eager to try anything at least once. I love vintage charm and modern lines, spicy foods and delicate sweets, and pride myself in having an open mind. I find inspiration in everything and hope to use papier-mâché as a way to share those inspirations with others.