Sunday, February 26, 2012

rainbow cake

This is a cake that would be exciting to cut into not only because it is colorful and fun, but also because all of the layers are dyed naturally, using ingredients ranging from beet juice to egg yolks. The results are definitely worth the effort. See how it was done over at itsy bitsy foodies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

leaning right

I don't think any amount of words could do this painting justice, so I'm just going to let his library of work do the talking for me. Enjoy more of his photorealism here.

leaning right by steve mills

Monday, February 13, 2012

featured: hug a porcupine on etsy

Sure a mini rabbit brooch would be cute, maybe just as cute as an origami rabbit, but together they become possibly the cutest pin I have discovered in a while. Since we've had a very little amount of snow here in Michigan, I'm imagining a long winter that extends into the spring and therefore I can justify more accessories for my winter coat. Hug a Porcupine's wears are just too adorable to pass up.

rabbit origami pin
ice cream origami pin
fox origami pin
pig origami pin

before and after: simple redesign

before & after photos courtesy of Julie over at Simple Redesign
As soon as I moved into my new apartment, I began obsessively looking at craigslist furniture listings. While I have lived on my own for many years, it has always been in a fairly tiny space. Now I had two bedrooms and a living room to fill! While I was looking for the essentials, I came across this little cabinet that I just could not live without. I emailed the seller literally two minutes after she had posted it and went to pick it up the next morning.

Now that I'm familiar with Julie's work, it is no surprise to me that this cabinet was even better in person. Describing herself as an "obsessive DIYer," Julie takes old pieces and makes them both modern and beautiful. I'm not sure how she always finds a way to stay true to the pieces' original character, but I envy her eye for design. You can check out all of her past and present projects, along with little DIY tips over at her blog, Simple Redesign.

When I brought this piece home, I had no real plan for what I wanted to use it as, so I ended up using it as my entryway piece. Together with a vintage mirror I got from my grandmother, I have a little place to check my hair on the way out and a place to put my keys when I come in. And what do I store inside of it? Surprise, it's a record cabinet!