Monday, January 23, 2012

soap flakes

A few years ago, I got my grandfather a pair of dentures made out of soap for his birthday. I know that sounds strange but for our family it has always been a running gag that my grandfather has no teeth, and every couple of years I like to remind him. That soap led me to browsing many hand-made and organic soaps that were really appealing, except for one problem: I have never been a fan of bar soap. They are slippery and unruly and even though they are designed to clean, I always feel like they are dirty. Once they get wet they turn into an uncontrollable blob that collects dust and makes a mess of any soap dish. And while liquid soap is great, it has to be packaged in plastic, which can be refilled but in reality is often trashed. It is also extremely diluted, meaning we're transporting excess water around instead of just the necessary ingredients. 

Nathalie Stämpfli has created a solution that I am rather fond of. It turns bars of soap into little flakes that quickly dissolve in water. On top of that, the design looks great and maintains everything we love about a liquid soap pump. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

featured: artwork by stasia burrington on etsy

last bandaid

I recently did some redecorating and artwork is one of my favorite ways to change the feel of a room. While searching for new pieces, I came across Stasia Burrington on etsy. I was first attracted to her work because they were cute, but as I looked at more of her pieces, I began to see the more intimate side of these characters, and instantly fell in love. While the characters themselves may not have extremely detailed features, their complex expressions, body language, or environments express so much of themselves.

bedtime story