Saturday, May 7, 2011

lee price

In today's society, the way that we perceive ourselves is greatly affected by body image. I can say that I spend way too much time throughout the day thinking about how others are viewing me. And in my case, that thought process is strongly dependent on my food habits. I tend to feel great about myself in the morning before I eat anything, but after breakfast, even if it's a healthy one, I feel as if I'm ten pounds heavier. This is where the brilliance of Lee Price's figurative realist paintings come into play.

Jelly Doughnuts
They are beautiful and realistic in a way that I haven't seen since Chuck Close's early works and yet they say so much more. The bird's eye view makes it as if you're looking in on something that maybe you shouldn't be seeing, while at the same time creating an extreme amount of intimacy. Intimate not only because we're in her bedroom or bathroom but also because we're watching her binge on junk foods, something that society forces us to do in private. We've all had moments of feeling guilty about something we've eaten, but why? Lee Price questions this cultural relationship with food and in such a stunning way that it is hard to believe these are not photographs. 

Lemon Meringue

More of her work can be seen at her website.

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