Sunday, July 3, 2011

jaakko mattila

cube 2008
When I see work that is as visually stunning as these pieces by Jaakko Mattila, I can't help but think about what the pieces would look like if I had been the one to create them. In this case, I know that would never have been able to accomplish this, solely based on the fact that I have never been able to completely understand how to incorporate a background into piece. It sounds fairly simple, but in reality I always feel like I end up with some disconnect.

What I find the most appealing about these two pieces in particular is how the 'background' is so thoroughly incorporated into the composition that it becomes essential to the success of the piece, and yet, is still basically just negative space. For example, in Fallout 2009, it's as if the white 'stalagmites' are fading into a black background, while at the same time the black 'stalactites' are hanging over a white background. And in Cube 2008, you do not merely see colorful dots on top of white background, but instead a total environment of colorful dots interacting with the light and each other. In this way, the audience feels as if they are getting a glimpse of a living world, rather than a representation of a fixed environment.
fallout 2009

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