Sunday, July 3, 2011

devour - christopher jonassen

source: junkculture.
It would be an absolute understatement to say that I think these pieces by Christopher Jonassen are amazing. From the concept to the exicution to the message, I think this is my favorite set of art work I have seen so far this year. When you first look at this set of images, you see distant planets in a dark galaxy, but in reality, you're actually looking at the bottoms of old frying pans.

Ingeniously exploring the ware and tare of a frequently used object, Jonassen comments on the destruction and lifespan of not only frying pans, but also our world. A pan is an object that gets used frequently, but is just as often overlooked. In the same way, our planet is so often seen as something we can use, and yet have little effect on. These photographs are stunning, but what really makes them memorable is their message: we can't keep using the earth for our own devices and expect it to remain brand new.

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