Tuesday, May 29, 2012

comic book paintings

Hold it, Joker!
Coming from an art history background, I always tend to look at comic book art for exactly that, the art. But after years of studying graphic novels I've come to appreciate the way in which comic books tell a story. The way in which frames are used to depict time and pages to create a pause. It is extremely interactive and makes any form of graphic story hard to put down. You just can't help turning the page to find out what will happen next.

This interaction is probably my favorite aspect of Sharon Moody's photo-realist paintings. I love how she captured these comic books as the page is turning, accurately capturing what it feels like to follow the story from frame to frame and page to page. And even though we haven't read the beginning of the book, we are still drawn into the action as hero takes on villain and calamity ensues. I highly recommend Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics if you want to know more about comic book art.
Something's Going Down In That Museum Right Now, detail

Zit! Throom! Krrakkk!

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